Read-A-holicZ found Daphne Amazing

The awesome book review site, Read-A-holicZ found Daphne amazing rating Daphne four out of five feathers.

You can read the entire review here: Read-A-holicZ

Library Cat Finds Daphne "very funny and entertaining"

The wonderful book review site, Library Cat, gave Daphne 4 out of 5 stars claiming Daphne was "very funny and entertaining."

You can read the whole review here: Library Cat

Nylon Admiral find Daphne "Intriguing"

The wonderful book review site "Nylon Admiral" found Daphne to be "intriguing" saying: "It was a new idea, and the complexity of the description is really intriguing and I could see a great series being born out of it."

Read the whole review here: Nylon Admiral

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